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Loss (is not dead).

Last night, I lost a part of me. Something I have had for the last 4-5 years at least. Maybe 6? The memory is a little shaky on that. But just a long time filled with so many wonderful memories! Not to forget the awesome photos it gave me…


Let your eyes wander over to the one piece of blooming, blue brilliance browbeater (glove): sparkling out a shine none alike. I have been in love over them well before all that was left was just one great glove. I have loved it since they were a pair: sharing, caring, and wearing. Helping me through the fall and winter yet a wonderful show of style. I mean, they exude confidence and courage.

I felt fearless, often, when I wore the glove(s). I miss my warrior(s). I miss feeling that texture over my fingers.

I mean, loss is an inevitable human truth. We lose just about everything (including faith which you often do rediscover) over the course of our lives. The sooner one accepts, the better. Yet, you cannot help feeling sad or down when you lose something or someone you endear. Kind of life you can see a car approaching you when you’re crossing but if it is at 100mph and it’s less than 50 meters away and you’re just walking you cannot do anything to avoid that impact.  Okay, it’s kind of a non sequitur example.

Okay so imagine loving someone for.. say about a year. Now I know, I could have just said 5-10 years or something but love is not bound or limited by the restraint of time. Nope. Often we believe life is linear; you can finish college, build a home, marry, have kids, start a business, be happy? But hey, just one thing at a time. In reality, we are always having all sorts of interactions and we are not limited to doing one thing before the next although in same phases we do require such industry.

Anyway, imagine loving someone truly for even just a year... I don’t mean the love that surrounds us in most movies and shows or around us in college or so: I mean the kind of love you write all your life about, the kind of love you sacrifice your happiness, the kind of love where their needs come first, the kind of love filled with passion and trust and loyalty, the Romeo and Juliet, actual love. Sure that kind of intensity is rare anymore but you still can find “true love”. So what does it feel to lose that special someone?

Like falling, falling and falling, into an endless pit. Like the music has turned dry. Like nothing around you makes sense and you cannot find a single reason to keep on going. Like suffocating. Like the ruin of you. Like rain of blood. Like an epic myth tragedy, it is absolutely without salvation.

Sometimes you can grow attached to an inanimate object as well. I loved wearing that glove(s) for example. Now, it feels I lost a part of me, a little bit of me. 

I guess there are positives to consider gaining via loss:

  1. Being grateful for when you have someone/something
  2. Living, fully, knowing anything could happen any second.
  3. We mature, find ourselves, discover what may not surface otherwise.
  4. Appreciating all the goodness around us.
  5. Growing used to admiring what you have and learning to be content.
  6. You learn life lessons that are much more uncooperative

What are your thoughts on “loss”? Have you recently lost anyone/thing that was dear to you? How did you get out of the lull?

Thanks for reading!

You can contact anyone, someone (including me) if you ever need help.


Hope you had a good time reading? I hope you did.

Rest in power – one piece of blooming, blue brilliance browbeater (glove). [2012(?)-2018]



P.S– help me out and check out the video below. Thanks again!



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