STOP the killing of (Gaza)llions.

Look around this chaos, the madness and wars laying wreckage to everything we hold dear.

Corruption has its acolytes doing her bidding everywhere.

We have lost our way individually, yet… there is a flicker of hope when we are together.

Photo by Amir Hanna 

Together, united against the atrocities of Israel we have made a difference in these hard, terrible times.

Our stance, our posts have helped contribute positively to the world and that my friends… is so powerful. I can’t tell you how great the idea of it is that we as a people… we can change the world. Our words, our protests, our voices: heard.

Photo by Merch HÜSEY

Let this be a lesson in political correctness. We will not back down against the atrocious, vile acts you put up in a façade of lies.

We have one more battle to fight. The battle against the Muslims in Uyghur. Millions of Muslims trapped, chained to concentration camps akin to those in WW2 by the Nazis. Nobody dares to speak against it though… I think recently UK were the first country to actually acknowledge this travesty. Where is the world when millions around us cry in agony.. why don’t there voices get heard? It’s bad enough they are prisoned there… but they are also made to renounce their religion through utter brutality and torture. #FreeMuslimsOfUyghur #FreePalestine

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Click here to listen to my podcast (Panacea of Rhapsody) on

Click here to listen to my podcast (Panacea of Rhapsody) on

2 thoughts on “STOP the killing of (Gaza)llions.

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  1. Free them from Hamas a terrorist organisation in Gaza also responsible for causing it by launching 1200 rockets to kill civilians 🌷

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