Life’s meaning (or purpose).

Life can be your canvas, your wheelhouse, if you do this one thing. That’s what we are told growing up.
There’s always and elusive item on a list that extracts your complete strength.

It’s hard to strive after something you’re not fully invested mentally in. The first step to achieving anything is figuring out what your passion is; what your calling is. This is essential to the process of evolving and improving. Once you figure out your life’s purpose… everything starts to make sense. Your goals appear to be achievable; your life seems to be on track.

Now, how do we figure out our life’s meaning or purpose?

The answer to that is, we don’t know for sure how one does it. Owing to that, there is no scientific methodology to determine it. But, there are a few strategies that may prove invaluable.

  • what activity brings you joy?
  • what are you doing when time literally feels like it flew by?
  • what is that thing you keep coming back to to find peace or maybe… just let your mind loose?
  • how do you deal with burnout?

Take a moment to answer and reflect back on these questions and maybe your mind and or chi directs towards a single path and helps you determine what your life’s calling truly is.

With that said, take care and stay safe. Please drop your feedback and queries in the comment section as well as how your journey to figuring out your purpose has been.

Photo by Timothy Eberly.

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